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hihi :’) i haven’t been using this blog much,more as a backup to my main blog when i hit the posting limit.but life keeps me pretty busy and i have alot to do in my free time and being that summers starting i figured i’d check a few of my sites and simplify things.i will use this blog again but not for the process of making a brand new tumblr account and my main blog will be semi-retired as well.just time for a fresh start.If your interested in following my new blog,mail me your link on my other blog,link is under my music player on this blog.with that being said…have a good summer peoples and take care :’) 6-6-14 920pm

hihi :)

just checking in on things,not using this blog too much lately,work n bs have been keeping me busy.follow me on my main blog if you want,link is on my blog under my music player :) i’ll TRY to be around more often but some days im ultra busy,some days i dont have bud and aernt motivated to play on here w/o it xD ton of stoner pics and no bud,pfft,lol,but i got things to do so i’m out.have a good one :)

have fun

hi & bye xD

only on for a few,got alot to do right now,cya soon :) nite.

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